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Terrance Carter,

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Useful resources for custom software development, programming and systems development-developers and management for mission critical business, manufacturing and e-commerce applications.

Custom Software Developers & Architects & IP-IT Rights

PHD engineering programmers and web service team circa 1998 - with Seimens software developers and web server support team including N. Chan, M. Darling, et al

Previous information about software developer's PHD Engineering Ltd. real time power monitoring-management programs for end-users such as Commonwealth Edison power-utility company and Seimens' software has been deleted as being out of date.  For further information sources about related topics on Commonwealth Edison software Note: PHD Engineering was the original founder of Victoria Internet Service Provider. - for more about Commonwealth Edison Services try these links:

Kerr-Redekop-Leinburd-Boswell, Vancouver Business Technology & Trial Lawyers for software development professionals and companies
  • Software Engineering Companies

    • Modelsoft Consulting Corporation
      970 Burrard Street, Suite B08
      Vancouver, BC V6Z 2R4
      Telephone:  +1.604.734.6691
      Senior staff include:  Peter Cheung, CEO; Dr. Michael Blaha, Systems Architect; Allan Murota, VP Development - Modelsoft Consulting Corp

Modelsoft is a world leader in assisting companies better understand their requirements related to software acquisition and development. We help organizations reach their potential by developing the correct set of requirements needed to support current and future business operations.

Modelsoft has developed best industry software practices under the direction of Dr. Michael Blaha.  Our approach is based on unique Requirements Modeling which is carried through the end product.  Modelsoft subscribes to an agile method to elicit and document requirements.

Through a number of iterations, we develop various models including use cases, class models, SQL database designs, and state transition and workflow diagrams.  In our work we emphasize both models of concepts and structure (class models) as well as models of functionality and process (use cases).

The modeling approach of representing requirements as a Class model provides the structure needed to initiate and complete other modeling tasks (process, structural, architectural, user interface and usage).  Modelsoft modeling services gives management a structured, defined and easy-to-communicate requirements definition.  Organizations can then make correct estimates and deliver projects with greater predictability and control.It is a Modelsoft objective to foster the development of best software engineering practices.  To that effect, we provide web seminars and workshops on Agile Modeling and UML/UML2. Our education program includes both public and in-house classes.

The Modelsoft team includes world-renowned software engineering experts with international hands-on experience in various industries and government.  Our consultants have hands-on expertise in all aspects of the software development lifecycle and have been responsible for bringing to market software products in various industries.  [quote fr. website 2009.03.11]


  • Software Developer Forums

    • Intellectual Property Law Server "The intellectual property law server provides general information on intellectual property law including patent, trademark, copyright and includes forums, related articles and comprehensive links " [quote fr. website 2004.12.10]

    • DMOZ Open Directory Project

    • Dev Shed - Open Source web development forums
      ". Topics covered include PHP, Apache, mySQL, Zope, Jserv, Java, Python, Zend, XML, DHTML, Javascript and more "

    • Van Dev Vancouver BC's Software Developers Network
      Started December 29, 2003 - in 2008 has over 10000 members

Search Engine Software Development and Services


Search the web from a different angle search the web with

Read interview of developer of this phenomenal search engine software and service, Matt Wells at in Sept. 2003.

"Most major search engines rely on an army of hundreds of people to create and maintain their services. Not Gigablast -- it's a high-quality search engine built and operated by sole proprietor Matt Wells. " quoted from introduction of interview by Gary Price for ( see also )

ISG Infotech Systems Group Ltd.

Infotech web site

Infotech currently operates and maintains MIS (management information systems) for a number of corporate clients including:

  • automotive industry car accessory factory, Vancouver, BC
  • luxury megayacht builders, S.W. BC
  • pulp and paper industry specialty plants, BC, Canada

Current expertise includes web accessible data-bases, EDI, ASP and other applications of interest to businesses moving into the e-commerce world.  Newer projects include research and development support systems for broadband wireless services in Asia.


Canada Intellectual Property "IP" and Information Technology "IT" Lawyers for Software · Systems Developers

Kerr-Redekop-Leinburd-Boswell, Vancouver Business Technology & Trial Lawyers


Sorèl Leinburd, barrister & solicitor, LLB

Kerr Redekop Leinburd Boswell
#410-1333 W. Broadway,
Vancouver, BC, V6H 4C1
phone:  604-734-4554  

A business lawyer with a focus on information technology, intellectual property and in corporate/commercial law.

Sorèl is a principal with the firm of Kerr Redekop Leinburd Boswell His practice focuses on information technology ("IT"), intellectual property ("IP"), and in corporate & commercial law.

Sorèl's IT experience includes computer software development agreements, technology licensing, a range of internet and e-commerce agreements, distribution and representative agreements, confidentiality agreements, employment and consulting agreements.  His IP law experience covers trademarks, trade secrets and copyright matters.

More on Sorèl's background and areas of practice can be found at

[the above information is quoted and used with permission from a free legal information service and directory 2003/07/22]

Is your company looking for assistance with work permits or Canada work-visas for software development / information technology staff from other countries, consider Canada's Business & Immigration Lawyers for Intra Company Transfers

see a web site specializing in assisting Canadian employers-companies in recruiting foreign skilled workers requiring a Canada Work Permit.
Lawyers affiliated with this website have over 20 years of experience in Canada Immigration & Business Law.

Lowe and Company Canada Immigration Lawyers - for Intra company tranfer work permit and work visas Jeffrey Lowe, Immigration & Business Lawyer

Read about "Work Permit Traps and Pitfalls" in the Canada Work Permit [Work Visa] area of - Lowe and Company's new web site on Canada Immigration Law

Lowe & Company, Immigration and Business Lawyers
#900 - 777 West Broadway
Vancouver, BC
Canada  V5Z 4J7

Our staff have over 25 years of experience both as immigration lawyers and business lawyers working with clients from over 65 countries. assisting corporations, business and individuals with staff relocation needs / intra-company-transfers, and can serve you in

  • English
  • Mandarin-Chinese, Cantonese-Chinese, Taiwanese-Chinese

Technology workers and Canada work permits - work visas

NAFTA Work Permits for US & Mexico Citizens to Work in Canada

Introduction to Lowe & Company

Profile of immigration and business lawyer Jeffrey Lowe

For other types of corporate-business and personal legal services go to specialty lawyers directories for

Canada Copyright · Trademark · Patent Law · Legislation · Government Administration Agencies

see law

Multilingual Intellectual Property & Technology Law Lawyers

Intellectual Property /  Technology Business Lawyer James Hutchison, in Victoria BC Canada

James Hutchison, BA LLB
Hutchison Oss-Cech Marlatt
#1 - 505 Fisgard Street,
Victoria B.C. V8W 1R3
Phone:  (250) 360-2500
Toll Free Phone:  1-866-887-4878

For information about Canada's Intellectual Property Laws, Legal Definitions, Government Agencies, and Trade Mark specialists see

Italian - Spanish - English - French Speaking Lawyers

Lorenzo Oss-Cech, BSc  LLB -  fluent in English, Italian & Spanish, with some French handles civil lititation to protect client intellectual property and information technology capital , in Victoria BC

Lorenzo Oss-Cech, BSc LLB - fluent in English, Italian & Spanish, with some French handles civil litigation to protect client intellectual property and information technology capital (ie trade secrets), in Victoria BC Canada

Hutchison Oss-Cech Marlatt
Barristers & Solicitors
#1 - 505 Fisgard Street,
Victoria B.C. V8W 1R3
Tel:  (250) 360-2500
Toll Free:  1-866-887-4878
Email: IP / IT / Technology Lawyer profile of this business-commercial litigator.

Terrance Carter, known throughtout Canada for his work with non-profit agencies also does inttellectual property - trademark work through affiliated offices in Vancouver, Ottawa and  Greater Toronto GTA

Intellectual Property & Information Technology Law

One of an organization's most valuable assets is the goodwill that is associated with its trade-marks, copyright, internet domain names and information technology. In that regard, it is crucial that an organization strive to protect and enforce its intellectual property through proper identification, registration and monitoring.

In order to help our clients ensure that these valuable assets are enhanced and promoted, Carters Professional Corporation offers expert legal services in the following areas of intellectual property and technology law:

 · Trade-marks
 · Copyright
 · Internet Domain Names
 · Information Technology
 · Intellectual Property Portfolio Management (i.e., registration, licensing, monitoring, enforcement and litigation services)

We provide these services to clients across Canada, the United States and around the world.    CONTACT US!

Email is the most effective way to contact us about your intellectual property and technology matters:

Carters has a variety of publications in the area of intellectual property and technology law.
Visit our web site at  [quoted fr. Carters web site 2007.12.23]

Canada Technology · Intellectual Property · TradeMark Lawyers

Ottawa · Toronto · Vancouver

CHINESE (Mandarin & Cantonese & Foo Chow Chinese dialects) - FRENCH - ENGLISH - for Canada & USA Law Practice

  • Alexandra Celine Wong, LLB, LLM, MBA
    International Business and Technology Lawyer practicing in Vancouver, Canada & New York, USA Associate Offices Business-Corporate Lawyers in Vancouver
    Alexandra has Law degrees from Singapore, USA, Canada as well as a Masters of Business Administration from Quebec.
    Her practice includes:
    • Corporate / Commercial Law
    • Mergers & Acquisitions
    • International Investment & Transactions
    • International Structure & Finance
    • Technology Law
    • Business Outsourcing, Insourcing, Offshoring, Nearshoring
    • Business Succession Planning
    • including Wills & Estate Law
    • Commercial, Construction and Engineering Litigation
    • Professional Practice Issues and Disputes

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