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Asia-Pacific Creative directors, Graphic designers, Children's Illustrators and Map makers for Business Marketing Services in English, Chinese, Indonesian and Japanese

Looking for that one special creative consultant, commercial graphic designer with a proven track record serving English / Chinese speaking audiences in Asia and in North America?  We feature the work of experienced professional creative directors, graphic designers, children's illustrators & map makers such as: 

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Tony Yau, in Hong Kong, China

  • has Canadian undergraduate and graduate degrees in design & visual arts and extensive experience from Toronto, Edmonton, Vancouver Canada and Hong Kong, China.
  • the graphics banner at the top of this page is a collage of Tony's graphic design and creative director work for such companies as:  Hong Kong Telecom, Xerox-Fuji Corporation, Ikea furniture retailers, Thai Airlines, -- his animation chilren's web graphics work is featured on the Yahoo Chinese language children's E-card section, he has worked on the online financial site, the online education site , and the legendary Luk Kwok Hotel and convention centre in Hong Kong.
  • Tony also provides Chinese & English information translation services for: graphic design, tourism, business-marketing-media design and children's publications illustration and EVA foam toy design services
  • A sample of Tony's illustration work has been his comic character "Anjolico the wireless cat" where Anjolico has had his comic strips published in Hong Kong and Canada promoting healthy life-style practices, such as

Andy Teo, in S.E. Asia / Malaysia

  • has over 10 years extensive experience and training in Vancouver (BCIT), Singapore, Kuala Lumpur and Indonesia
  • go to to see some of his web work and graphic designs for immigration lawyers, retail stores, fitness programs, eco-tourism and recreational sites, etc.
  • Andy's experience ranges from being a senior web graphics designer with Internet Gateway Corporation in the mid 1990s to a Creative Director and team manager of several multi-media design services over the past 4 years with work in print, web and web animation projects for clients in Vancouver and South East Asian countries, including Malaysia, Singapore and Indonesia.

Christine Wong, in Vancouver, BC, Canada

  • a children's illustrator / children's graphics specialist and teacher - Christine a mother with active young children, she draws on this experience for illustration-graphics projects for and with children and their parents.
  • see samples of her illustrator-graphic-design and interior-design work, in Vancouver, at
    Note her gifts in the area of color pencil drawings-illustrations and cartoon stories Cartoon pencil drawing by illustrator Christine Wong

Angus Weller, in Nanaimo on Vancouver Island

  • a cartographer map-maker, with internationally acclaimed map design work of 25 years including:  maps of Beijing and Shanghai China, Tokyo Japan, Rio de Janerio, Vancouver to name a few cities.
  • Angus is a pioneer in the use of Adobe Acrobat to produce PDF maps on line, samples will be availble soon to download from this web site.
  • See also his new site promoting this Vancouver Island city - a short ferry ride away from Vancouver. Search Engine Optimizer Consultants

Netpac communications consultants, have since 1995, promoted business marketing on the web by

  • working with creative directors · graphic designers · illustrators · photographers in combination with freelance writers and English-Chinese editors to develope sites that not only look great but achieve high search engine rankings.  Visit

Tony Yau's Wireless Cat named Anjolico comic strip demonstrating getting exercise , similiar to Canada's PARTICIPACTION prograam , at work - this has been published in print  and online in Hong Kong   avaialbel in Chinese and English

Some Useful Sample Information Sites About China

Chinese Laws | Beijing China Universities | China TourismChina Portals · Infomation Services

Government - Ministries and Departments, People's Republic of China
Chinese Universities & Educational Resources
Chinese Children's Animation-Cartoon Illustrators

Pictures & graphics in the banner above show a small sample of multi-media business marketing graphic design and creative market image consulting work of Tony Yau living and working in Hong Kong.

A "backgrounder" on Tony Yau

Tony acquired Canadian bachelor and masters degrees in graphics and visual arts-design and already had extensive experience with print media in Hong Kong and Vancouver - when - in 1996 he assisted Anson Realty in Vancouver, Canada in acquiring its first domain name and developed their first web site. 

He was also the creative director for real estate TV commercials for real estate developers in Vancouver marketing to the Chinese community in the 1990s

In Hong Kong he has been: the creative director of a large media department / graphic designer / creative design consultant on hundreds of Chinese and Chinese-English web sites:  including such well known companies-corporations as:

  • Xerox-Fuiji Corporation, Ikea (furniture stores), HP (Hewlett Packard), and Hong Kong Telecom's web marketing and design services dept.
  • Well known Hong Kong local hotels and convention centers as well as trading companies
  • In 2002 Tony was profiled by Yahoo's children's area for his very popular cartoon web animated graphics for children [samples of which are in this area and in other areas of]

Whether you are a local Hong Kong business looking for a skilled graphics-media consultant, or a business in the English speaking world wanting help with your Chinese-China media projects - consider Tony Yau (with bachelor and Master's degrees, in design-media, from York University and the University of Alberta, Canada - with special insights in marketing to both Chinese and English language audiences.

In the library/archive professional world, Tony Yau created the first graphics for the electronic magazine in 1995 in Vancouver BC, working with a group of librarians, archivists and other information professionals.


Copyright © 2009 children's illustrations by Cat Wong (aka Cathi Wong), San Francisco, California
Copyright © 2009 photos of San Francisco by Norberto and Shelly Li, San Francisco, Californai
Copyright © 2002-2003 graphics and images by Tony Yau, and Andy Teo; photos:  Yu Xueyun (PRC), G-J. Zhang (Beijing), John Wong (Victoria, BC), Neal Chan (Vancouver, BC - graphics editing), T.Yau (Hong Kong), Angus Weller (maps-cartography)
PLEASE NOTE:  the use of sample images from work Tony has done with various companies e.g. Ikea, Xerox, Hong Kong City Education, web sites shown here are for sample purposes only.  The mention of these companies names in no way implies their endorsement of this web site or its services, nor does it imply this web site or its contributors endorsing of these companies goods and/or services.  The materials are used as if they are part of the "portfolio" of projects that Tony Yau and other contributors have participated in - as a matter of record.

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Tony Yau, helps design overall corporate images and color palette of clothing retail chain
Asia's Giordano clothing chain retail branding by Tony Yau
Giordano delivery van with eye catching color-design by Tony Yau for the Fashion stores branding in Hong Kong

for Chinese speaking children / parents  See Chinese Version of

Web graphic design for a food and dining portal site, by Andy Teo, Vancouver
Food and dining service web portal - Andy Teo, web graphic designer

Web graphic design for Immigration lawyers & attorneys portal site in the US, Canada etc. by Andy Teo, Vancouver
Vancouver immigration lawyer-attorney web site design by Andy Teo

Children's media illustraion work by Christine Wong, Vancouver
illustrating the Christmas message for families of young children - by illustrator graphic designer,  Christine Wong

Map sample work by Angus Weller, Vancouver Island
Mongolia - China - Asia Map

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Cat Wong's  Children's storey characters Clara reading a bedtime storey to her  littel friend Clarence Bear

Cat Wong, illustration of children's characters Clara and  Clarence Bear offering apple to feed San Francisco 's Golden Gate  Mounted Police Horse with Police rider smiling on

Cat Wong's  Children's storey characters Clara reading a bedtime storey to her  littel friend Clarence BearCat Wong, illustration of children's characters Clara and  Clarence Bear offering apple to feed San Francisco 's Golden Gate  Mounted Police Horse with Police rider smiling on

Malcolm Wong, Tokyo, Japan

Creative Director, International Graphics-Illustration Agency , Neo-Blythe Doll Producer and "Dog Eaters" Manga/Comics Writer based in Japan

photo of graphic novelist Malcolm Wong promoting new graphic novel DOG-EATERS - artwork by GUILLERMO A. ANGEL, published by Dabel Brothers in USA to be released in Nov. 2008 - go to website BY CLICKING HERE

See also Junko Wong, Cross World Communications: Illustration Agency

Children's Illustrator Cat Wong's  character Clara in a hot air balloon, overlooking Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco - photo fr. Norberto and Shelly Li  circa 2009

Cat Wong, children's illustrator, in San Francisco

Cat (aka Cathi Wong) ... Soon after exiting the corporate life, she became a freelance illustrator/cover designer for an East Coast USA publishing firm and was simultaneously hired as its West Coast representative, serving as a part-time author advocate.  Over a ten-year period, Cat honed her drawing skills and established a reputation as a talented designer, with a loyal following - built on customer referrals nationwide.

A fourth generation Californian residing in San Francisco, Cat now focuses primarily on introducing Clara and Clarence Bear to the world via books, calendars, stationery, clothing, and limited edition collectibles.  A first book, "Clara's Album--with Clarence Bear," is due out shortly, along with a 2010 calendar.  A second book, "Clara's Travel Album," is in progress.  For more graphics samples go to
Web site:

Email Cat

A list of books for which Cathi Wong has been the cover designer and illustrator: (mix of children's books, mythology, sci-fi, biography, and fiction)

  1. 1) ISBN 0-7414-1197-0 ("The Furrtails" by Shandi Finnessey,
  2. 2) ISBN 0-7414-2438-X ("Puppy Dog Tails" by James M. Waddell,)
  3. 3) ISBN 142513484-X ("Riki and His Lost Puppy" by Ian X. Byrne, Trafford Publishing)
  4. 4) ISBN 0-7414-2324-3 ("The Sojourner" by Ian X. Byrne,
  5. 5) ISBN0 -7414-2852-0 ("The Wayfarer" by Ian X. Byrne,)
  6. 6) ISBN 0-7414-4886-6 ("Kateri's Journal" by Ian X. Byrne, )
  7. 7) ISBN 0-7414-5272-3 ("Kateri's Journal II" by Ian X. Byrne,)
  8. 8) ISBN 0-7414-2656-0 ("Different" by Barbara Bailey, )
  9. 9) ISBN 0-7414-1922-X ("Footprints & Fragrance in the Outback" by Marilyn Stewart,
  10. 10) 978-1-60402-477-7 ("The Power of the Dark Goddess and Other Stories" by George J. Bryjak, Myopic Moose Press)