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Vancouver Condo for sale: close to Douglas Park Community Centre [about 5 blocks away]; 4 blocks to VGH hospital [Vancouver General Hospital]; 5 blocks to City Square Mall [Cambie St. & 12th Ave.]; within 3 blocks of Shaughnessy, and 7 blocks to Vancouver Lawn and Tennis Club.

Vancouver Condo - close to park, mall, VGH, Shaughnessy

For more information send e-mail to Arthur Gee and Rosy Yung   Real Estate Sales Associates

Vancouver, B.C., Canada
V6M 3W5
E-Mail :
Tel:  604-612-0638
Tel:  604-650-8836

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Do feel free to contact Arthur Gee or Rosy Yung at the above telephone or fax numbers or more realty information for any real estate questions about Greater Vancouver.

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