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Update 2003 Previous information about real time power monitoring-management programs for end-users such as Commonwealth Edison power-utility company (ComEd EnergyTracker & Curtailment Systems) and Seimens' software has been deleted as being out of date in 2003/08/07.  For further information sources about related topics try these links:

  • EXELON "the proud parent of PECO and ComEd"

  • Siemens Energy & Automation - Software

    "About Siemens Energy & Automation, Inc.
    Siemens Energy & Automation, Inc. is dedicated to providing complete electrical, engineering and automation solutions, along with the right products, software, services to our clients worldwide. Our customers include some of the world's largest and most respected companies in the industrial, manufacturing and construction industries, retailers, and leaders in the emerging e-business sector, among others."
    [quote from website 2003/08/07]

Software Developers Forums - On-line Communities

  • Silicon Valley's Forum

    "The not-for-profit Software Development Forum (SDForum) is the leading Silicon Valley software organization with deep ties to entrepreneurs, developers, venture capitalists, industry experts and major technology companies. With a 10,000-person reach, 2000 individual members and 20-30 events each month, SDForum is the single best source of information, education and connection for people seeking to build a business and career in Silicon Valley." [quote fr. website 030807]

  • Software Developers' OnLine Forum

Canada Intellectual Property "IP" and Information Technology "IT" Lawyers for Software · Systems Developers

Sorèl Leinburd, barrister & solicitor, LLB
Kerr Redekop Leinburd Boswell & Kent-Snowsell
#410-1333 W. Broadway,
Vancouver, BC, V6H 4C1
phone:  (604) 734-4554   fax: (604) 734-5182

A business lawyer with a focus on information technology, intellectual property and in corporate/commercial law.

Sorèl is a principal with the firm of Kerr Redekop Leinburd Boswell & Kent-Snowsell.  His practice focuses on information technology ("IT"), intellectual property ("IP"), and in corporate & commercial law.

Sorèl's IT experience includes computer software development agreements, technology licensing, a range of internet and e-commerce agreements, distribution and representative agreements, confidentiality agreements, employment and consulting agreements.  His IP law experience covers trademarks, trade secrets and copyright matters.

More on Sorèl's background and areas of practice can be found at

[the above information is quoted and used with permission from a free legal information service and directory 2003/07/22]

Some Electric-Power R&D References and Organizations

  • US Department Of Energy

    Science & Technology "The Department of Energy is the single largest Federal government supporter of basic research in the physical sciences in the United States, providing more than 40 percent of total Federal funding for this vital area of national importance. It oversees, and is the principal Federal funding agency of, the Nationl research programs in high-energy physics, nuclear physics, and fusion energy sciences. Such a diverse research portfolio supports tens of thousands of principal investigators, post-doctoral students, and graduate students who are tackling some of the most challenging scientific questions of our era"
    [quote fr. website 030807 ]

  • Electric Power Research Institute, now known simply as EPRI

    About ERPI - from

    ... founded in 1973 by America's public and private utilities, ERPI took over R&D projects previously managed by the Electric Research Council, ERC and the Edison Electric Institute

    "EPRI is the only science and technology consortium serving the entire energy industry-from energy conversion to end use-in every region of the world. With expertise in a wide spectrum of scientific research, technology development, and product application, we are able to offer solutions that cut across traditional boundaries, taking advantage of the latest advances in many fields. EPRI provides the knowledge, tools, and expertise you need to build competitive advantage, address environmental challenges, open up new business opportunities, and meet the needs of your energy customers. Most importantly, we are ready with the help you need, when you need it. Whether you are looking for ways to cut operation and maintenance costs, increase revenues, find cost-effective environmental solutions, or develop new markets and opportunities for the future; EPRI delivers solutions that work for you."

    What We Offer
    " EPRI offers a full spectrum of products, including technology development and market tools, ready-to-use products, services, and training to help you implement our technologies.  Customers choose what works for them-real-time application service assistance, problem-solving guidebooks, market information, needed technical fixes, and scientific knowledge to support a regulatory requirement or a full-scale development effort. Our comprehensive portfolio, called Destinations (as in leading you to your strategic destinations), can be custom tailored to suit each company's individual needs."
    [quote fr. website 030807 ]

  • International Energy Agency

    ABOUT THE IEA - The International Energy Agency, based in Paris, is an autonomous agency linked with the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) The IEA is the energy forum for 26 Member countries. IEA Member governments are committed to taking joint measures to meet oil supply emergencies. They have also agreed to share energy information, to co-ordinate their energy policies and to co-operate in the development of rational energy programmes. Objectives:

    • To maintain and improve systems for coping with oil supply disruptions;
    • To promote rational energy policies in a global context through co-operative relations with non-Member countries, industry and international organisations;
    • To operate a permanent information system on the international oil market;
    • To improve the world's energy supply and demand structure by developing alternative energy sources and increasing the efficiency of energy use;
    • To assist in the integration of environmental and energy policies.

    [quote fr. website 030807 ]

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