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Growing markets with the Web

These are only 2 of many web site's designed since 1995 by Andrew Teo.

Andrew's design of gives a much more extensive portfolio of his and his associates experience and capabilities in designing that unique and effective web presence for your company or organizaion.

Andrew's background and experience includes:

  • training in computer-programming technology
  • web design work for one of the largest independent Internet Service Providers in Vancouver, Canada for 4 years (corporate client designs)
  • design management work for venture capital - investment companies
  • a love of pushing the envelope in terms of graphics and media capabilities on the web
  • if you have "fast", Andrew loves to design for "Flash®" and "splash" with all the detail you'd expect.
  • a cosmopolitan experience of Pacific Rim countries, from the South Pacific, to Canada and Singapore.
  ShockWave demo - dim room lights to see - 350K file
ShockWave demo created for
research-development rescue/safety equipment
broadband wireless communication technology for China

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N.B. The design and graphics copyright are owned by the parent corporation and Pacific Environments Outdoor Research inc., and Netpac communications ltd. - and serve as part of a portfolio sample of Andrew Teo's graphics consulting work on