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The people behind the content, design and maintenance of marketing-promotion media on and off the web.  A directory-portfolio of professionals and their work - 20141023

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Children's illustrator's character Carla in hot air balloon points at Golden Gate Bridge , photo from Norberto & Shelly Li circa 2009 Tehnology products/services marketing
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Fashion stores branding in Hong Kong

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Pacific Rim Children's Illustrators, Graphic Novelists & Creative Directors

Cat Wong, children's illustrator and creative director of characters Clara and Clarence Bear - CLICK FOR MORE

Cat Wong, San Francisco, Illustrations to left


Malcolm Wong, Tokyo, Manga International Novelist to right

photo of graphic novelist Malcolm Wong promoting new graphic novel DOG-EATERS - artwork by GUILLERMO A. ANGEL, published by Dabel Brothers in USA to be released in Nov. 2008 - go to website  http://www.dogeaters-manga.com BY CLICKING HERE

One Two Peek-A-Boo  Apple App
from Clara And Clarence Bear
"With animation, sound, and interaction, toddlers will have fun learning to count from 1 to 10. Featuring Clara, Clarence Bear and their little friends, this e-book entertains with playful, vibrant visuals." Cat Wong 2011-11,
go to Apple iTunes store through this link

On-line food shopping in Australia - e-commerce graphics and web sites

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Contributor's to this website in 2003 & 2011 include:
Netpac.com Search Engine Optimzers, Vancouver, BC, Canada
MapMatrix.com top mapmaker of city / region / country maps using PDF format
CanadaVisaLaw.com Immigration Services, Vancouver, BC, Canada
CityofNanaimo.com Nanaimo, BC, Canada
PublicSigns.com.hk Tony Yau Graphic Designs, Hong Kong, China
PNGbuai.com Papua New Guinea (PNG) Books Useful Articles and Information
digital library collection, John Evans, publisher
ManusIsland.com Q. Reilly, public health advisor, writer and photographer
OnWellness.info Music therapy consultants and dieticians
Fracas.com free lance writers and publisher
Jastram Engineering Ltd. marine hydraulic steering and digital control systems project design and manufacturing